Standard Heat Seal Machine Instructions

Standard Heat Seal Machine
400 WATTS · 4 AMPS · 60 CYCLE · 110V · AC


Model # S-46


model-46The Heat Seal Machine’s temperature is pre-set at 400 degrees. The machine is used for the application of transfers, computer label tape, and heat seal patches.  Do not attempt to adjust the temperature unless it has been determined that a different setting is necessary.  Please refer to the maintenance instructions below if an adjustment is required.



The on/off switch is located on the front bottom base of the machine.  A red light on the switch of the front panel will light up when the machine is on.  The temperature gauge is located on the right side of the machine.  Let the machine heat up to temperature before use.  It takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes for the machine to heat up to temperature.



The timer is also pre-set and must be used for each application.  Make sure the red handled clamp is snap-locked into position for firm pressure.  When snap-lock is in place it will stay down until you release it when the timer goes off.  Keep the Teflon covers clean at all times.

  • Apply Patches and Mending Tape at 380-400 degrees for 10 seconds.
  • Apply Transfers at 380-400 degrees for 3 seconds.
  • Apply Computer Label Tape at 380-400 degrees for 12-15 seconds.



Instructions for maintenance department only:

To adjust heat: remove top cover by removing two (10-24) machine screws with washers, located on the top cover.  After the cover is removed, the thermostat is located on the left side of the heating heat.  To increase heat turn the thermostat stem to the right, and to decrease heat turn the thermostat stem to the left.

The Teflon cover and plate attached to the heating head are two units.  The plate can be removed by unscrewing four screws and sliding the plate off.

Over heating the Heat Seal Machine will void the machines warranty.