Mighty Mark n Mender

Heat Seal Machine

Developed especially for Marking and Mending linens and garments


Heat Seal Press performs with these convenience features…


This unit requires no air to operate and has many of the major features of a more    expensive unit.


Rugged, simple construction assures easy maintenance.


Completely portable unit: can be used anywhere there is an electric outlet.  Can be moved easily from one department to another.  Compact design fits limited spaces.


Manual operation is easy and trouble free.


Inexpensive to buy, economical to use.


Top and bottom heat:  Thermostatically controlled 400 watt elements in platens make quicker, permanent mends.  Tubular heater elements, cast into high density aluminum sole plate.


Platen size: (4” x 6”) Upper platen comes with a Teflon cover and plate.  Lower platen is equipped with a silicone pad and plate.  Opening between platens provide ample working space for fast operation.

  • Pressure control is preset for all specific needs.
  • Digital Timer: Requires setting.
  • Heat Gauge.
  • Non-skid rubber feet.
  • On-off switch with pilot light.
  • All exposed, susceptible parts are painted steel or cadmium plated.


This versatile press applies design logos, name, or property transfers neatly and permanently on fabrics.  The image is sharp and clear.  Uses dry transfers.  No messy liquid inks.



This manual press mends garments, sheets, and surgical  linens.  It can also be used to apply computer label tape. Patches reliably, stay in place to extend the life of mended  items through repeated usage and laundering.